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The Poet's Perch Project

          If you've ever tried to write anything at all, you know that sometimes the words just flow and there's no stopping them. Other times, however, even the slightest sound is enough to distract you.

          When bouts of distraction started taking over my writing sessions, I decided I need a place to get away, sit quietly, and - well - Write!

          Buying another house seemed crazy, and renting an apartment just for writing didn't seem much saner. But then... inspiration struck and the idea of a writer's retreat in a small space that could be shared began my hunt for a tiny house and the land on which to put it.

          The rest, as they say, is becoming history. Follow my blog for the adventures of the Poet's Perch.

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Small lot, tiny house, big impact !

The Diary of a Poet's Vision for a very special writing retreat

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