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A bit about me

Born in Cortland, NY, in 1962, I was raised on Long Island by parents (a photographer and a social worker), a brother, and a springer spaniel. I have a congenitally bleeding heart. 


The Journalism concentration with which I graduated was my fall-back, after being tossed out of creative writing because my poetry "was not visual enough." 

I took advertising jobs in NYC and on LI, then created customer service functions in two printing shops. I had inherited my family's entrepreneurship gene-mutation! That said, the Hebrew School teaching I did part-time to feed my entrepreneurial habit began to eclipse the business. I would say I'd been "called" to teach, except that it was more like being kicked in the head. 


Normal life diverted for five years during which tragic events prompted a move. I went to Boston, committed myself to Jewish Education, was poor, got fat, and discovered many of my quirks, weaknesses, and strengths.


A year's taste of advanced studies in Jerusalem and two of working for the Jewish community in Florida sent me running back to graduate school in NYC. I achieved a Master’s degree and the job of my dreams, becoming a Jewish Day School leader. I lived/worked in NYC, LI, NJ, Toronto, and Albany.


            During the following years, I got sick… breast cancer, radiation treatment, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, obesity. Homeless, though not destitute, I traveled for one year. I was a hobo in a hybrid car, surfing free couches. Finally, eagerly, though with trepidation about my health, I returned to work. I started up, grew, and sold an online copy-editing business.  

And now I am officially (as well as actually) disabled, but I work daily to craft my life beautifully within its limitations. I write. I get involved. I edit work I find interesting by authors with whom I collaborate well. I imagine new entrepreneurial ventures and sometimes write them down.


That brings us to the Poet’s Perch (I wrote that one down and did something about it). I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I start this new – and fun – chapter of my life.

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