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  • Rhonda Rosenheck

Tabling a Perch

Life happens. Pandemics happen (much more sadly for others than for me this time). Economic wonkiness happens. Theft and fraud happen. Hope happens. Second chances happen. Tiny House building companies crumble.

Sometimes, dreams do not overcome what happens. I'm not definitely done, though I might be. I've put the incomplete Tiny House on Wheels back on the market, even though I am still in conversation regarding one more potential opportunity to complete it as my Poet's Perch. Whichever opportunity arrives first will be the direction I take. I am more a "go with the flow" person than intrepidly committed to a goal. If my joy is not to be increased by the Poet's Perch, it will grow through some other interest and focus. A constraining chronic illness has taught me always to choose better over bitter.

Even if the Poet's Perch is completed as my writing studio, regretfully, it won't be in Cohoes, NY, as the historic, first THOW accepted as the primary structure in a municipality in this region, and possibly in all of NYS. The costs to complete the mixed-use project have escalated beyond what I can afford or justify financially. As necessitated by the rules of purchase, I've informed the Albany County Land Bank of my failure to complete the Poet's Perch and public reading garden. The property is now in process to revert back to them.

Perhaps the enthusiastic approval for development the Poet's Perch project received by one city has wedged open the wide-spread resistance to THOWs for the next developer and densely populated locale. My advice? Come to the city officials and boards extremely well prepared and include a feature that meaningfully benefits the community.

I'm putting this site and blog on indefinite hiatus, so please follow me and join the mailing list at, where I will blog, and announce new publications and entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you, or someone you know, has the tiny house bug, my shell, plans and already-purchased fixtures and appliances may offer a running start. Please share this Craigslist link with anyone who may be interested; it can be delivered within North America, though transport will be least expensive closest to where it rests in Renssalaer, NY.

Thank you for your interest in the Poet's Perch, which could very well reemerge as a phoenix's perch some day. Stay safe, stay well, and dream on!

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