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  • Rhonda Rosenheck

Welcome to my Poet's Perch Tiny House Blog

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Who would have thought that the idea I formulated in early COVID days, to create a quiet yet community-connected writing retreat, would have come this far? After hundreds of hours daydreaming, researching, asking for meetings, and hunting for the right structure and the right place, I have a tiny house on wheels, my little .07-acre plot of land, a complete set of plans, and the approval of a very supportive city to get my writer's retreat on its way to reality.

I decided to set up a new website for the Poet's Perch - as I am calling the retreat - because there are many aspects of this project that might prove helpful to others investigating the joys and benefits of a tiny house.

Here's a neo-Haiku I wrote in celebration of reaching this moment. Jewishly-knowledgeable friends might hear resonances with the traditional blessing of thanksgiving for reaching a milestone, "Shehechayanu".

That gives us h(e)aven,

That sustains our (l)ink, to live --

Safe, Inspired to right(write).

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3 comentarios

27 oct 2021

I grew up in Cohoes but moved away after highschool (read decades ago!), however, it will always be "home". I keep up via social media groups of the happenings in the city. I am completely blown away by how this city is growing and reinventing itself. When I came across your endeavor, I was beyond overjoyed! I am a Virginia Master Naturalist and absolutely love using a small footprint, while bringing native plants to support the pollinators and other coevolved insects! I so look forward to following this journey, and one day seeing what you have created in person!

Me gusta

Therese Broderick
Therese Broderick
15 oct 2021

Cool! Congratulations!

Me gusta
Rhonda Rosenheck
15 oct 2021
Contestando a

Thanks! Nice to see you in real life at 2nd sunday. Had to scoot right afterwards l, but wanted to connect.

Me gusta
Poet's Perch logo w words -- Amithen font_edited.png

Small lot, tiny house, big impact !

The Diary of a Poet's Vision for a very special writing retreat

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