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  • Rhonda Rosenheck

Welcome to my Poet's Perch Tiny House Blog

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Who would have thought that the idea I formulated in early COVID days, to create a quiet yet community-connected writing retreat, would have come this far? After hundreds of hours daydreaming, researching, asking for meetings, and hunting for the right structure and the right place, I have a tiny house on wheels, my little .07-acre plot of land, a complete set of plans, and the approval of a very supportive city to get my writer's retreat on its way to reality.

I decided to set up a new website for the Poet's Perch - as I am calling the retreat - because there are many aspects of this project that might prove helpful to others investigating the joys and benefits of a tiny house.

Here's a neo-Haiku I wrote in celebration of reaching this moment. Jewishly-knowledgeable friends might hear resonances with the traditional blessing of thanksgiving for reaching a milestone, "Shehechayanu".

That gives us h(e)aven,

That sustains our (l)ink, to live --

Safe, Inspired to right(write).

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